Im a recovering Corporate Executive that is forever changed by the world of entrepreneurship.  I once looked at leadership through a shattered lense that was warped by corporate egos, pride, and a massive game of survival.  

At the top of my corporate game, I looked around and realized I didnt want anything that I had worked so hard to achieve.  

How did I get here?   

This life; the hamster wheel, the constant striving, and my future in somebody elses hands. 

I started a journey to find myself, to redesign my life, and to find and give grace.  I longed for a journey back to God.  I wanted a journey of owning my own business and leading others.  

I found balance, peace, and joy.  My life today is completely different from the rat race.  I have control and freedom.  

Now it's YOUR TURN.  

I help others define what true success is to them, develop an action plan to get there, and live their unique life to the absolute fullest.  Every day I seek grace and strive to give grace.  If you feel stuck, I can help.  Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.