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Heart & Soul Community

A monthly membership group

  • This is a monthly membership group for the entrepreneur that is on a mission to change their thinking from the traditional employee to a successful entrepreneur.
  • Each month we unpack a topic like personal branding, time management, mindset, discipline etc.
  • You can expect a weekly training, group interaction and a monthly video group call.

The group is a safe place to collaborate, grow and dig in to the common roadblocks faced by entrepreneurs. Whether you’re in direct sales, have a traditional brick and mortar or an online business, this group is for you if you’ve spent anytime as an employee.


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Just Say NO to Ugly Graphics

One on one Course - $49

This course is a basic CANVA course and is geared toward YOU if you cringe at the thought of all things ugly BUT don’t have a design background and aren’t sure where to start. I will teach you how to create a cohesive look and feel for your graphics without spending countless hours. I’m all about streamlining your process and eliminating frustration. Let me teach my tricks and tips from all the hours I spent teaching myself.

The Branding of YOU

One on one Course

In this course I will teach you all things PERSONAL brand. What it is, why it’s important and how to develop YOURS. We will have fun along the way and trust me, you don’t have to be a marketer, a creative or branding expert. You simply need to be YOU. Thru this 6 week session I will walk you thru each and everything you need to go from “all over the place” to concise and consistent. So let’s get started!